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YG House

Welcome to YG House, a unique and innovative residence nestled in the eastern part of Surabaya, within a thriving and well-developed neighborhood. Designed for a young couple with a passion for landscapes and a love for culinary arts, YG House stands out as a modern and functional space that seamlessly integrates aesthetics and functionality.

The main facade of YG House is a composition of boxes with various elements and textures, offering a glimpse into the unique interior elements of the house. From the front, the design sparks curiosity, leaving visitors guessing about the wonders concealed within. From the inside, the owners can revel in the open plan and high voids, expanding the perceived size of the house beyond its physical boundaries

The heart of YG House is the kitchen and clean pantry, strategically positioned at the center of the house. As guests enter, they are immediately greeted by the inviting aroma of culinary delights. This design choice reflects the main hobby of the wife, who is an avid cook and baker.

The absence of traditional bedrooms on the ground floor contributes to an open and expansive living space. This decision not only maximizes the limited 9x20 plot size but also enhances the feeling of spaciousness, creating a home that defies its physical constraints.

The service area, strategically placed on the right side of the house, caters to the functional needs of the home without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the main living spaces. This thoughtful arrangement ensures that service functions support the primary activities in the house without overshadowing them.
The living and dining areas are located at the rear of the house, providing a serene retreat overlooking a reflecting pond and outdoor decking. This arrangement ensures a seamless connection between the interior and exterior, allowing the couple to enjoy both the comfort of their home and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

YG House seamlessly incorporates landscape elements, both within and outside the house. The reflecting pond and outdoor decking not only enhance the visua l appeal but also contribute to a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, providing a peaceful escape for the homeowners.

YG House is a testament to innovative design and thoughtful spatial planning. It creates a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, offering a haven for a young couple with a love for landscapes and a passion for culinary arts. From the intriguing facade to the open and expansive interior, YG House stands as a modern masterpiece in the heart of Surabaya.